Promo 101

Why Use Promotional Products?

Study after study show that promotional products are the #1 most effective way to promote your business.  Your name stays in your target's hands and on their mind.  Research has shown that promotional products deliver the highest ROI (Return on Investment) and is an extremely effective way to influence and remind prospects about you, or to retain clients, or reward employees.  Promos are great for tradeshows, handouts, and sales incentives.  Build loyalty with clients and employees, they all love SWAG!


The benefits are numerous

  • Products are branded with your name, contact info, and message

  • Huge variety of items

  • Wide range of prices to fit any budget

  • Fun to give and receive

  •  Engages the recipient in advertising that lasts more than 30 seconds.

In short, using Promotional Products is intelligent fun and Xcel Marketing will help you every step of the way!


How Do I Use Promotional Products?

The key to Promotional Products is using them correctly.  There are 3 main usages of promo products; Prospecting, Retention, and Rewards/Gifts.



Intelligent and fun, Promotional Products give you the most BANG for your buck when it comes to your advertising needs. Getting -- and keeping -- your information in the hands of potential customers is what it's all about, and nothing does the job better than promotional products.

Studies have shown that promotional products outlast other, more expensive types of advertising and have the ability of staying visible to your customers for years to come.  60% of people keep promotional products for more than 2 years.  When they're done with it, 63% pass along the item to someone else.  85% of people that receive a promotional product say they are more likely to do business with the company that gave them the product.

Of course, the key to successfully prospecting with promotional products is getting the right product.  We will help you do that.



Promotional Products are an intelligent choice to retain and competitor-proof clients.  Delight a customer with a small, unexpected gift to let them know you really appreciate their business and to help instill loyalty.  Inject some fun into their day while keeping your name on their brain! Promotional Products are also an ideal way to thank a client for a valuable referral.

Studies have shown that promotional products can help businesses build loyalty with their clients.  You have a 60% better chance to retain your clients by using the right promotional product.


Retirement, employment anniversaries, hitting monthly/quarterly/annual goals, or just because.  Those are just a few of the occasions where you should reward employees and build your brand with great apparel items with your company name and logo declaring your pride in your company.  Branded desk items and holiday gifts are more fun, plus they create a close corporate culture.  Over 70% of employees think receiving promotional products is a sign of appreciation from their employer. Talk to us to get some great reward/gift ideas to help build employee loyalty.

Promotional Products also work wonderfully for gifts to family and friends.  Instead of sending out a plain Christmas card give everyone a custom gift they will appreciate and keep forever.  You could also create an awesome souvenir for the next family reunion, wedding, birthday or anniversary.




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